5 Station Square,
Petts Wood, BR5 1LY
reservations: 01689 836181


Soup of the Day £4.25

Served with French bread

Potato Skins £4.25

Topped with cheese and crispy bacon pieces served with a sour cream dip
(Swap bacon for mushrooms if you prefer) V

Garlic Bread £2.95

Freshly baked French bread, topped with lashings of garlic butter served with garnish salad
-    Topped with melted mozzarella £1.00

Mozzarella Sticks £4.25

Deep fried & served with our home made spicy salsa dip and garnish salad

BBQ Ribs £6.50

Half a rack of baby back pork ribs cooked in our classic BBQ sauce

BBQ Chicken Wings £5.25

6 finger licking chicken wings marinated and coated with our classic BBQ sauce served with blue cheese dip & celery

Shacks Spicy Chicken Wings £5.25

6 finger licking chicken wings tossed in shacks spicy hot sauce for an extra kick and served with blue cheese dip and celery.

Tempura Battered Calamari £4.95

Served with garnish salad, garlic mayo & lemon

King Prawns £7.95

Pan fried in garlic butter, chilli & corriander served with French bread

Tempura Battered King Prawn £7.95

Served with garnish salad, sweet chilli dip & lemon

Classic Prawn Cocktail £5.50

Served with Marie rose sauce

Tempura Battered Jumbo Scampi £6.95

Deep fried scampi in batter served with garnish salad, homemade tartar sauce & lemon

Fresh Mussels £6.95

Served with French bread
Marinere (steamed in white wine, cream & shallot sauce)
Provencale (steamed in garlic, fresh parsley, white wine & tomato sauce)

The Ribshacks Ultimate Sharer £17.95

A feast on a plate!!
Ribs, wings, battered whole tail scampi, calamari, corn on the cob, Onion rings, sweet potato fries & tortilla chips with melted cheese all served up with sweet chilli dipping sauce, guacamole and mayo


The finest ribs richly seasoned with select spices, cooked low and slow for maximum tenderness and basted with your choice of one of our signature sauces:

- Classic BBQ
- Carolina Honey Glaze

- Jack Daniel’s Glaze

Ribs are served with French fries & home made coleslaw

Memphis Ribs £15.95

A Full Rack of Baby Back Pork Ribs

Ribs “N” Chicken £15.95

6 chicken wings glazed with our classic special recipe BBQ sauce or Shacks Spicy sauce & half a rack of baby back pork ribs


BBQ Chicken £11.95

Half Chicken marinated & coated with our classic BBQ sauce and flame grilled to order.
Served with French fries and home made coleslaw

Shacks Spicy Chicken £11.95

Half chicken marinated in Shacks special spicy sauce and flame grilled to order. Served with French fries & home made coleslaw

Chicken Schnitzel £12.95

Pan fried breast of chicken coated in breadcrumbs. Served with French fries, coleslaw & mixed salad.

Chicken Florida £12.95

Breast of chicken cooked in a cream & mushroom sauce served with sautéed potatoes & seasonal vegetables


All Our Burgers (6oz) are homemade with 100% ABERDEEN ANGUS BEEF served on a lightly toasted seeded bun with cos lettuce, red onion, tomato, pickle and served with French fries & coleslaw
WHY NOT BEEF IT UP? Add an extra burger for £1.50

The Classic Shack Burger £9.50

Simple but effective when you crave a burger treat

The Cheesy £9.95

Big smiles for a great burger, topped with a cheese of your choice
- Mature cheddar       
- Monterey Jack       
- Blue cheese
Add Smoked Bacon £1.20

The Inferno £10.45

Fire up your taste buds with this spicy burger!! Jalapenos, mature cheddar cheese topped with our homemade red chilli sauce

Route 66 £10.45

This favourite is named after the iconic, carefree, American Highway for its long lasting Swiss cheese, grilled mushrooms, grilled onions & Mayo taste

Beef Brisket Sandwich £10.95

Pulled Beef Brisket served in a lightly toasted seeded bun with our classic BBQ sauce

The Shacks Empire State Burger £13.95

Not one for the faint hearted!!
An exceptional blend of flavours, this is One-of- A-Kind Burger.
6oz Burgers, American Cheese, Smoked Bacon, Pulled Beef Brisket & Onion rings topped with our Classic BBQ sauce

Philly Cheese Steak £13.95

Thinly sliced steak grilled to perfection & topped with grilled onions, peppers, mushroom & Amrican cheese. Served in a white sub roll

Chicken Philly Cheese Steak £10.95

Sliced grilled chicken topped with grilled onion, peppers, mushrooms & American cheese. Served in a white sub roll

Shacks Veggie Burger (V) £9.50

Served with tomato,  cos lettuce & mayo

Classic Chicken Burger £10.95

A crispy breaded chicken fillet served in a lightly toastetd seeded bun with lettuce & mayo

Cajun Chicken Ciabatta £10.95

A blackened flame grilled chicken breast, piled on to a freshly toasted ciabatta roll with melted cheese, cos lettuce, tomato and mayo

Shacks “Vegas” Chicken Burger £12.95

Hit Jackpot with this, seasoned flame grilled breast of chicken layered with cheese, bacon, cos lettuce, tomato and guacamole in a toasted ciabatta roll

The Flame Grill

All our steaks are 28 day matured for extra tenderness & flavour.
(With a choice of our special blend of sauces)
Peppercorn – Cheese Sauce – Béarnaise
Served with your choice of steak house chips or jacket potato 

10oz Scotch New York Strip £18.95

A very tender sirloin steak which comes from the loin. With a well deserved reputation

10oz Scotch Rib Eye Steak £19.95

Cut from the rib section, the rib eye is the most tender & juicy of all steaks

16oz Scotch T-Bone Steak £24.95

This cut is tender & succulent served on the bone for maximum flavour

8oz Fillet Steak £22.95

Finest of all steaks. Lean and tender with a delicate flavour

Beef Tower £23.95

Medallions of fillet stacked, layered with grilled mushrooms & topped with our delicious cheese sauce

Lamb Cutlets £16.95

Marinated with olive oil, peppercorn and rosemary

Surf “N” Turf £6.50

Add King Prawns to your Steak & make it even more delicious

Main Course Salads

Chicken Avocado Salad £9.50

Flame grilled seasoned chicken breast strips with ripe avocado, mixed lettuce, tomato wedges topped with a home made French dressing

Salmon Conchita £12.95

Fresh grilled salmon, served on a bed of rocket, mixed salad, topped with our home made lemon & dill dressing

Feta Cheese Salad (v) £9.50

Mixed leaves, tomatoes, red onion, cucumber, black olives dressed with olive oil and finished with Feta cheese In this Mediterranean Inspired Salad!

The Caesars £9.50

Tender flame grilled chicken breast served on fresh crisp cos lettuce tossed in a classic Caesar dressing topped with croutons and Grand Pedano Parmesan shavings

Fish & Pasta

Fillet of Sea bass £15.95

Plain pan fried or meuniere. Served with sauteed potatoes & steamed seasonal vegetables

Scottish Salmon Steak £14.95

Plain Grilled or cooked in a lemon and dill sauce. Served with sauteed potatoes & steamed seasonal vegetables

Tempura Battered Jumbo Scampi £14.95

Served with French fries, mixed salad, homemade tarter sauce and lemon

Tempura Battered King Prawn £15.95

Served with French fries, mixed salad & sweet chili dip

Seafood Paella £14.95

Mixture of calamari, mussels, peeled prawns & king prawn in a Spanish style rice.

Tagliatelle Pescatore £11.95

Mixture of calamari, mussels, peeled prawns & king prawn in a Tomato sauce

Chicken Eldarado £9.95

Penne with chicken, served in a rich sauce of tomato, smoked peppers & mexican herbs

Tagliatelle Funghi Selvatici (V) £9.95

Wild mushrooms & spinach with thyme & garlic in a white wine cream sauce

Side Orders

French fries, steak house chips, mashed potato or sautéed potatoes £2.00

Potato Wedges £2.50

Sweet potato fries £2.50

Jacket Potato (served with butter) £2.50

Rice £2.95

Steamed seasonal vegetables £3.50

Garlic Mushrooms £3.50

Battered onion rings £2.95

Home made coleslaw £2.75

Mixed salad £2.95

Corn on the cob £2.75

Fried Zucchini £2.95

Spinach £3.50

Green Beans £3.50